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  • Welcome to Quixoting™ and thanks for the visit! Quixoting (pronounced key-ho-ting) is based on the story of Don Quixote. A character best known for being delusional. But here we admire his daring to take action. Because ideas or creative work left in a bottom drawer will never be seen by the eyes of the world. And that is a shame. So this site has two objectives. First to share our new ideas with the world. Second, to inspire you to take action on them. Along the way, we'll ponder the meaning of life, explore creativity, discuss being an entrepreneur and, yes, have a little bit of fun. Look down the right sidebar for a list of your favorite posts so far and for posts from my idea book - ideas that you can launch right now!


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November 26, 2009


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Marleen G


Great post! You are very creative. Keep in mind that most new concepts, or ideas are not always immediately embraced; and perhaps a different approach would work, and in time it would catch on. History books are filled with great ideas that did not spark an initial interest but are now very popular.

Marleen G.

Tim Tyrell-Smith

Thanks for the comment Marleen! Yes, you are right! Exactly why I kept the url . . . and I can always reactivate the Twitter account!


Interesting results. I agree with Marleen.

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