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July 26, 2009


Laura Drury

What about simply deciding to be happy? Yes, I realize that we have things that happen in our lives that invoke other feelings in us, but what if we felt all of these feelings in an overall context of happiness?

What I think this means is that we focus on feeling joyful, content and happy; rather than on anything else. I think it is a mental practice and a way of fully engaging life.

Great to think about!

Tim Tyrell-Smith

Hey Laura - Yes, I think visioning is a good idea. Interesting question you pose. Is happiness a decision? I like your focus - supports where I am heading . . .

Arash Sayadi

Tim, I wonder if happiness has anything to do with living in the now. Look at a dog. A dog has memory of the past, but doesn't hold on to it. As soon as you show it an act of kindness, it's happy again.

Dogs don't seem to make plans for future either, at least none that any of us humans know about.

So, may be happiness is just that old axiom of "living in the now," and getting rid of our old baggage, lingering negative thoughts gnawing at our soul, and worrying less about the future and how it'll unfold. May be we should just enjoy the people we're with right now...Enjoy the house we live in now...enjoy that precious ten minutes in the mornings we have with our children before they run off to school, instead of worrying whether you'll have a full day to spend with them.

May be that's happiness, not the concern of whether we'll reach the destination, but the journey and the people we meet along the way.

Tim Tyrell-Smith

Arash -

Of course living in the now is where I would love to spend my time. I've read a number of books re: Zen and love the idea of living in the now. Of living the details of a task or experience. The only problem is I struggle to do it on most days.

Writing, as of late, has become one of the few places where I relish in the now as I get to watch the creation happen on the page.

I often look at and wonder about my 13 year old lab - smiling in the sun. Sounds nice!

Thanks for adding your voice here - I was hoping to get your perspective on this one.

thom singer

If one is a "seeker" in their soul, they will never content in the way they think contentment is happiness. To a seeker the joy comes from the journey.

Tim Tyrell-Smith

Hey Thom - Sounds like me and, yes, that makes sense. Hmmmm


happieness is jst being it comes wen u stp searchn fr answers

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